Why you need Workshop Software For Your Mechanical Garage?

The automotive industry has undergone serious technological innovation at a rapid pace making it tougher to keep up with even for the most tech-savvy enthusiast. That Scary word ‘Technology’ (for some) housed in the form of software, combined with a name like 5IQ Workshop Software, could easily scare the shirt off a mechanic’s back, simply because it is new, different, smart and keeps you honest!

Cloud based workshop software like 5iQ has been on the upward trend over the last five years and has brought change and disrupted the normal. We expect the industry will continue to see rapid growth as more strategic players continue to enter the market place, coinciding with the increased utilization of mobile technologies that have propelled industry operators into the spotlight as they readily employ these new developments in their operations. Customers today have been spoilt by “On Demand” products and services like ordering Pizza, watching Foxtel or Youtube and with services like Afterpay and eBay making it easy, fast and accessible 24/7.

Workshops have no choice but to respond and keep aligned with the trend of mobile technology (apps) in order to survive, thrive and grow. The communication and distribution of information is critical to keep our customers engaged, loyal and happy. With “on Demand” products and services leading the next wave of change, all auto mechanical repair workshops must adapt now!

Why Mechanical Garages Require 5iQ Workshop Software?

Why Mechanic Garages Requires 5iQ Workshop Software?

As we all know the most important part of our business is our customer, so how do we provide for them? With 5IQ workshop software suite of products, we provide mobile apps for workshops to address the increasing appetite for “On Demand” services by providing a customer app, technician app, and digital forms app to name a few.

Customer app – A complimentary app linked to your workshop that your customer downloads, through a live calendar they can book in their cars for log book service, repair’s, tyre maintenance or inspection all at their fingertips 24/7. The app contains a host of other cool features like service history, reminders and even make payments giving your customer an “On Demand” service in the palm of their hands on our cloud based platform, did I mention it’s complimentary? for more check out https://youtu.be/EtWYu61oIz4

Technician app – Whether you’re a mobile startup or have a mobile fleet the Technician app will manage your entire workflow from taking a customer booking, to raising a purchase order, performing an inspection report including all images / video’s and work notes, through to raising an invoice and taking payment, all while your time is been tracked on the job. Your customer can sign off the job and rate their experience through the customer survey, giving you insights where to double down and those areas you need to focus on, for more check out https://youtu.be/Tl_P2FXrB8o

Digital Forms app – As a customer, we know that feeling when you are given a paper based service report or inspection report with greasy fingerprints all over it and we just can’t wait to shove it in the glove box. Good news your customers don’t need to feel that way anymore, with 5IQ Digital forms you can build your own form templates from scratch or upload a PDF, creating a library to choose from. With this library integrated into both the customer and technician app this means live and instant updates and approval in real time, fulfilling the appetite for “On Demand” products or service.

All you need is a tablet or mobile phone and your auto repair or mechanical workshop running on 5iQ workshop software, will deliver to their customers and technician’s that “On Demand” product and service, as for you? well you don’t even need to lift a finger… we bring the technology to you.

As the demand for cloud based workshop software rises so will the need for a technology platform that can provide an “On Demand” solution along with the traditional workshop software functions like CRM, Customer and Asset Management, Workshop Management, Inventory, Live Scheduling, Marketing, Reports and much more including Supplier, Accounts and Payment integration.

Transform your garage now with “On Demand” products and services and lets ride the next wave of change together, try 5iQ Workshop Software for as little as $65 /month or start your 14 day free trial now https://fiiviq.com/