What is A Digital Vehicle Inspection?

A common topic in the automotive industry and auto shops is digitisation, and you’ve likely heard the term “Digital Vehicle Inspection” or “DVI” discussed in community groups, podcasts or seminars. While DVI is becoming more common now than ever before, there are still a large number of workshops not using or not knowing “what it is” and this might be the most pressing question you’ve asked within your business.

Implementing DVI into your business is saying goodbye to paper-based inspections and gaining complete freedom from annoying paper clips, pens, paper inspection sheets and clipboards. Digital Vehicle Inspection software lets you manage your checklist, add comments along with estimates, attach photos and videos then once complete you can simply text or email the report to your customer with a click of a button.

Sending a DVI report with a link so the customer can review is definitely a highlight for the automotive industry. The detailed information addresses the crux of the problems with supporting photographs, video clips which you otherwise would handle traditionally by walking the customer through the situation over the phone or over the counter in the shop. Yes, DVI eliminates the physical presence of the customers as pictures and video clips communicate what’s wrong with the car rather than the technician telling them.

With the comfort of sitting in their office or at home, customers can make an informed decision based on the DVI and advise the technician if the recommended work is approved. A digital inspection improves and accelerates the communication making it effective and time efficient for the customer.

Let’s give you a Scenario:

Say a customer left their car at the garage and went to work. Their car needs attention and requires repairs to fix the ailing brake. The technician inspects the vehicle and completes a DVI including a video clip of how bad the rotors work including many other inspection points supported by photos and video clips with recommendations included in the report.

The customer reviews the recommendations and gives his approval to repair the issues. Usually, nine out of 10 times customers’ responses are fast and the recommendations are carried out the same day.

Let’s Summarize what is Digital Vehicle Inspection

  • DVI is software where the vehicle inspections are recorded electronically.
  • DVI replaces the traditional method of using paper inspection sheets, clipboards with smartphones or tablets.
  • Technician reports are supported with photos and videos to enable a clear understanding of the problem.
  • Your client receives instant, clear and concise information of the vehicle’s overall health on their device.

DVI gives your customer a tangible approach providing transparencies of work carried out and most importantly, it is stored in the customer’s profile for future references.

Benefits of Digital Vehicle Inspection

It is important to note when a customer comes for service or repair, as a technician, the first and foremost duty is customers’ safety. All the other minor problems get solved before becoming a growing issue and ultimately ending up being precise. Our workstations are well equipped with laptops, iPads and tabs to carry out digital inspections. Let’s highlight how digital inspection can help your auto shop.

  • Your technicians, service advisors build a presentation of their findings and recommendations.
  • Trust and Loyalty are earned through the DVI transparency to increase customer retention.
  • It is faster and more efficient than paper inspections.
  • History of the inspection keeps your quality consistent.
  • The technicians make recommendations accompanied by photos and videos.
  • On completion the DVI are uploaded so the front desk can email or text the customer.

Customers love the convenience and control in reviewing and approving the DVI in their time.

Top reasons why digital vehicle inspection is good for your business!

  • Problems with Paper

Paper inspections are a constant challenge as you need to check your printer, the paper and dont forget the ink as these always seem to run out or have an error at the busiest time. There is also the cost of the paper, ink cartridges and servicing the printer with add up without you noticing. Digitalizing your Vehicle Inspections eliminates the paper and print problems.

  • Custom Reports

Digital inspections are enhancing every phase of the vehicle inspection process. Workshops can now create a full multi-point inspection template which provides consistent quality reports enabling technicians to improve productivity.

  • Pictures and Videos

Pictures sell jobs. Digital images and high-resolution videos completely change the customer experience and reduce the customer time in the shop. Once a customer reviews the recommendations through a video clip they then give their approval to carry out the repair work. Photos and videos provide transparency and boost customers confidence.

  • Easy Navigation

Workshop can build their own inspection reports by using simple built- in templates which provide consistent, professional quality checklists that are easy to understand and navigate.

DVI software highlights the critical repairs that require immediate attention as standard in the digital inspection process. The report generate a higher level of engagement with the customer.

  • Text Messages or Email

The completed reports are then sent to the customer’s via email or text message phone number along with estimates and recommendations. Yes, vehicle owners won’t need to visit the auto shop to approve the repairs as they can complete the process digitally as the photos and videos are attached in the report.

This technology keeps the customer engaged and allows the owner to make informed decisions regarding their vehicle repairs.

Key Takeaways

Digital Vehicle Inspection software works on PC, mobile or any tablet. With access to photos and video customers are informed about any repair work that is required.

Vehicle owners approve the repairs irrespective of their location. Digital vehicle inspection improves the efficiency of how auto shops work and communicates with its customers. The user-friendly and best vehicle inspection software doesn’t limit the technician to carry out digital inspection just once, but multiple inspections can be enabled quickly and you can have access to accurate data.

5iQ automotive software enables garages to digitally inspect vehicles saving time and transitioning garages away from manual paperwork. Connect with us for digital inspection software solutions.