Ways To Increase Productivity At Your Auto Repair Shop

Auto repair shops are creating quite a buzz these days, given the variety of impeccable services they provide. Upholding a proper maintenance process for a given car can be tedious and expensive, however if the auto repair shops keep improving their standards that deliver above expected experiences, customer satisfaction can peak to even greater heights.

Below are some key tips that will help you improve productivity at your auto repair shop.

All of these tips suggest some changes that can be implemented in your auto repair shop. Follow them closely and watch the changes deliver almost instant results that will improve auto technician productivity.

Set up the right working environment

As your employees spend the majority of their day at the shop you would expect it to be highly productive. The working conditions need to foster positive energy and vibes with the surroundings enabled for a comfortable work environment such as sufficient cooling for the hot months and heating for the cooler months, the workshop fit out must be equipped with modern and updated tools and gadgets to get the job done in a proficient manner. Cleanliness should be prioritized as well.

Include free refreshments for the employees

Dehydration leads to reduced productivity not just for technicians but for everyone. A water cooler station or water bottle will work wonders for workers toiling away on a hot day. Hydration will keep you energised, focused and boost their morale, every now and again a little breather in between juggling jobs does wonders. Having tired staff isn’t good for business and should be avoided at all costs.

The company culture should be clear and visual

Your staff will fit in, contribute and help define your company culture, ultimately living and breathing it every day. This will effectively become your services mandate and if executed well it will then go on to create additional brand value. Hire good technicians who fit your company culture is paramount so take your time going through the process, don’t be blind sided and hire quickly just because they are experienced, fast learners, and seem co-operative. Improve the quality of the auto shop technician you choose based on cultural fit and boost your productivity. After all, nothing is more important than customer satisfaction in a service-providing sector!

Appreciate all task big & small

Praise and heartfelt appreciation goes a long way. Let your technicians and staff members know that you value their contributions and that they are an integral part of the auto shop.

Communicating this will increase their drive to sustain this level and raise it eleven higher by working passionately. It will improve employee – employer relationships and will build confidence for the employee as they progress to different roles within the business.

Be punctual and set predetermined targets

Having a precise deadline for specific tasks has proven to increase auto shop productivity. Setting realistic goals can help technicians / staff work at a steady pace to complete their work on time. A proven method used is to have a big clock hung on an easily-visible spot on the wall which assists the employee to monitor and create a rough ratio of the number of hours taken to complete a specific task.

Don’t over-complicate things

Having an arduous process will only complicate and delay tasks being completed in a timely manner . The customer shouldn’t be made to wait long hours to get a simple task completed due to the intricate administrative procedures. Such policies should be carried out not only on an extrinsic basis but also within the company itself. Technicians and other staff should be able to make small decisions while exercising responsibility.

All of the above productivity tips are followed by successful garages meaning if this works for them then it can work for you. The one tip that stands out the most and is beneficial is the one that uses modern and advanced technology.

Auto Store Productivity Guide

New ways to improve auto productivity will include these as its primary tips. Auto shops at times have many complicated processes, something that can baffle both the customer and the owner. Thanks to the advancement in technology, sophisticated auto-software is available for managing all the tasks at a shop.

5iQ auto repair software simplifies various processes and provides modern cloud based technology for any auto business by providing customers with an online appointment booking, setting specific deadlines, schedule mechanic jobs, digital vehicle inspections, send service reminders and more.

How Automated Software can Assist to Boost Productivity?

As online, the company’s portal can be viewed 24/7 by people across the city where the shop is located. In itself, this scenario provides free marketing of the brand and does wonder to bring in new customers. Further, the automated software can not only bring in new clientele but also keep the regulars satisfied.

5iQ workshop software provides a simple and easy cloud based platform that any auto workshop can adapt and implement within a day or 2. With multiple modules such as invoicing, job tracking, quotes, digital inspections and more the system allows you to configure things to suit your business workflow. If you want to learn more about how it can help your auto repair business then contact us. You can also register for a free trial!

Key Takeaways

These are some top tips and a handy approach to increase garage productivity. If you were to follow them all or even just some to begin with, the productivity will definitely increase resulting in higher sales volume leading to a noticeable growth spurt. Embracing change and learning how to use the latest technology will help any auto repair shop boost mechanic productivity. It ultimately falls on the owner how they will adjust and cope with the changing times’ now and in the future.