Key Reasons Why You Need Digital Auto System

In the not-so-distant past, consumers looking to make a purchase pulled out the big yellow phone book to find a business that suited their needs. But today, in a world where more than four billion people own a mobile phone, buying habits have changed and research has moved to the internet. In fact, statistics show that 88 percent of consumers research online before buying locally, which means that having a website is crucial for small businesses who want to grow.

Potential auto repair customers are on the web searching for the best automotive products and services from the highest-rated auto repair shops. Maintaining an auto repair shop website is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. With the majority of the world vetting their decisions through the web, ensuring that you’re accessible on the internet means you’ll ultimately close more sales and grow overall as a business.

As the global automotive industry progresses towards the future of mobility, Auto repair shops/garages are due for a major overhauling. This business offers excellent scope, but to survive in the market, having a prominent digital presence i.e., a Digital auto software for your auto repair shop is a must to attract businesses.

What is a Digital Automotive system?

digital automotive system helps you to manage your auto shops in a more effective way. This auto software helps technicians to create and manage digital job cards. The garage shop owners can check the operational efficiencies and can predict the future productivity as per the job services and customers responses.

Which tasks can be done by a digital auto system?

A digital automotive system enables a garage to independently enhance customer relations, simplify stock control, increase mechanics efficiencies while monitoring performance and creating various activities such as digital job cards, cost estimation, booking service appointments, e-invoicing, scheduling service reminders, reporting, analytics, and a lot more.

How can digital systems help garages?

There are several ways in which the digital auto system benefits automotive shops.

Appointment Scheduling

A digital presence is a vital tool to authenticate the existence of a fully functional business. While on the automotive software most customers prefer booking appointments online.

A digital system is an excellent tool for the customers to schedule an appointment that integrates directly into your shop’s calendar. This feature makes it easy for managing appointments based on available slots and identifies new and returning customers.

For new customers looking to find a reliable shop for their maintenance and repair needs, you want to be able to give them the ability to make their decisions right then and there. You might gain the advantage over another shop who does not have this capability—winning you the business you want.

Branding and Promotions

You may be running a sale or a promotion in your shop, but how are you getting the word out? but are you able to get the word out to the right audience and get the number of footfalls your business deserves?

In today’s world, “Google it” is an everyday phrase. When people are searching online for an auto shop in your area, isn’t your shop the first one you want them to find? it’s important that your website is in tip top shape. It represents your brand and is often a driver’s first impression of your shop. If the website is outdated, messy, unprofessional, vague or confusing, then what will they think of your shop and the type of customer experience they will find there?

Your website reflects your brand. It’s the first place your customers will get to know you because it’s the first place they’ll look in their research. Your online reputation is your reputation, so don’t overlook it!

Enhanced Customer Service

A happy and satisfied customer will spread their delightful experience with others and attract more customers to your business the old fashion way by word of mouth. The key to a satisfied customer is customer service and in return you’ll get referrals.

When a customer comes into your business, the only thing they expect is a solution to their problem. Customers expect instant response and communication for their auto repair requirements. With the presence of an auto digital system, you can offer email and chat support. Other popular platforms to communicate with client’s is through Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter.

Real-time service

When a customer hands over the keys at the front counter they expect to be updated on the progress at each stage. A digital system ensures the client is regularly updated at each status completed of the journey of their car maintenance/ repair. These real-time updates build a trust factor and turn the customer into a loyal customer for life.

Moving Forward

The reasons you need a digital auto system for your garages are endless coupled with your website can really push you to new heights for your shop as they serve as your digital storefront and if used properly, can be used as a helpful tool to attract business.

At 5iQ digital auto system, we offer simplified digital plans for workshops and garages that eliminates the gap between technology and workshops. We will help you to gain more profits through the effective garage management system. Feel free to contact us for more information.