How The Technician Can Manage Customer Vehicle Details With 5iQ Software?

At 5iQ workshop software, customers can select their workshop from our list or they can choose to add their workshop to our platform. During the customer registration process, we sync customer vehicle’s details, e.g the vehicle Makes, Model, VIN, vehicle registration and more to our secure cloud database.

Mobile Mechanical Workshop Management Solution

When customer booking comes through to the workshop via phone, email or our customer app or even via a mobile technician using our technician app. The workshop can assign or schedule a technician to a particular vehicle in the shop and if you have a mobile mechanic’s then through the 5iQ technician app, which will provide all the relevant information about the booking and the vehicle being worked on.

Mobile technicians using the 5iQ technician app can run their entire business quite easily, from creating a booking to finalising an invoice and taking the final payment, while a in-house technician can manage their time and materials directly from the app.

Customer Vehicle Details Management With 5iQ

The customer can receive quotes from the workshops in real time and approve them on the spot or approve certain repairs at that time.

The customer can make payment directly through the app and all payments are secure using the partner payment gateway.

Customer Vehicle Details Management With 5iQ

5iQ customer details are secured and stored encrypted on our Sydney based AWS data centers.

AI-Enabled Mechanical Workshop Solution

No need to look into a crystal ball on forecasting your booking anymore, with 5iQ Slow Day marketing AI tool the system will look ahead and alert you to days and weeks where your schedule is under utilised prompting you to get proactive and create a marketing campaign to drive up your booking requests.

Customer Vehicle Details Management With 5iQ

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Our data visualization technology explores the future to assist you in precisely analyzing and foresee outcomes using AI tools. The collaboration amid marketing and sales will facilitate booking needs based on estimate and demand and then generate a call to action.

The AI tools mitigate risk in your workshop by enabling your schedule and alert you to underutilized days in progress to check loss of productivity and overall revenue.

A garage workshop can further enhance its online ratings and attract more clients by analyzing client surveys and social media portals to identify issues and explore trends in the client’s opinion.

You can create customer loyalty programs and reward them on referrals determining them through AI tools. A garage business can utilize the data from the dashboard to analyze client opinions and satisfaction levels, turning these priceless insights into valuable marketing campaigns that focus on your client requirements.

Key Takeaways

So, the technician app and AI-Enabled 5iQ mechanical workshop software together assist you in easy dealing with customer vehicles job details.